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By WJAM-99.9 JAMZ Tampa, Oct 31 2020 08:24PM

The 30th of October 2020, Honolulu-based rapper TAUREAN MEACHAM is exploding back onto the conscious hip-hop scene with ‘BLAKK RADIKAL’, his third project this year and his best work to date. This album is raw, real, full of rage — and it deserves to be heard. He’s talking ancestors and martyrs (‘Saviour’), slavery and shootings (‘Hands In The Sky’), anxiety and insomnia (‘PTSD’). It’s a lot to tackle in one record — and yet Meacham nails it with inimitable finesse. This, above all else, is an album of substance.

“The album is my most complete work to date. There are no wasted bars.” — TAUREAN MEACHAM From an epic intro with soaring Bond-esque orchestral textures (‘The Gift and The Curse’), to a playful Latin inspired/speakeasy jazz crossover (‘Camp Lo’), to the bassy, bossy trap track ‘Thrones’, Meacham proves over and again that he’s not only an artist who understands melody and rhythm, but a self-managed, self-published hip-hop veteran whose level of storytelling, rap flow, production value and attention to detail is impressively, consistently masterful. “The sound is the album spans all sounds of hip hop.

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By WJAM-99.9 JAMZ Tampa, Aug 24 2020 07:26PM

D.Russo is a DJ/producer from New Jersey. His DJ career began when he was attending Rowan University and Montclair State University performing for local campus greek life events to larger University events. D.Russo’s love and passion for music continued to grow as he gradually started to perform for larger and more diverse venues culminating in producing his own original music in 2017.

A short 3 years later, D.Russo had his first major release,”Used To This (feat. Robbie Rosen)” a collaboration with former American Idol Finalist Robbie Rosen on Blanco Y Negro Records. Since his first track being signed, he has gone on to sign several more due to come out in late 2020. Despite being on Spotify for only a few months, he is already quickly approaching 100,000 total streams from fans throughout the world. Follow the movement behind D. Russo on social media including Spotify, Instagram and Facebook.

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By WJAM-99.9 JAMZ Tampa, Aug 20 2020 04:12AM

The artist known as Add.am is a man with many dreams, whose goals and aspirations have always been in performance; whether it was a talent show when he was a child at 6 or now as an Artist of 27 years. Add.am, a Persian/Spanish R&B artist wants to bring smooth urban soul back to listeners, Just to name a few artists who have influenced his vocals include Jon B, Lyfe Jennings and the legendary Donell Jones.

Produced by Mixtape Seoul music written by Diquan Julius, “Still Believe in Forever” features Add.am and has shook the R&B world since being released July 24th to all major digital retailers.

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By WJAM-99.9 JAMZ Tampa, Aug 19 2020 04:30PM

DripE released their EP early this year and it’s starting to pick up steam on the charts. You can follow their movement on Twitter (@_moneyE + @_SharpShootaa) and purchase the single “Bag Hunt” on iTunes.

By WJAM-99.9 JAMZ Tampa, Aug 19 2020 04:18PM

Kofi Daeshaun was born in Ghana and currently lives in Woodbridge, Virginia after having lived for over a decade in Brooklyn, New York. Kofi Daeshaun started writing songs at age 13 and has eight studio albums and an EP to his credit.

As a war veteran of the US Army, Kofi Daeshaun addresses various topics in his music. He is also a multi-genre artist and performs Pop, Rap, Afrobeats. Google search “Kofi Daeshaun” to get familiar with his unique talent. He also has over 40 official music videos on YouTube.

"Strip Club" is his latest single off the upcoming "Strip Clubs in the Wild West" album. The song is a fast-paced bouncy track with trapped-out seductive lyrics and it's quickly becoming a favorite for DJs. It is available on all major digital platforms. Don't forget to share and spread the word. Follow @kofidaeshaun on all social media. Purchase the single on iTunes.