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By WJAM-99.9 JAMZ Tampa, Jan 13 2020 11:02PM

CVLXVRE is an American songwriter, recording artist and music producer who has been known by various stage names including Jimmy McKinney and Jimmy Culture. Blending modern and contemporary styles to create a harmonious vibe “Reckless” is a tribute to the youthful and carefree spirit of Hip-Hop and Soul.

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By WJAM-99.9 JAMZ Tampa, Jan 13 2020 10:47PM

Xaurus is a Hot & New Canadian Artist. His Now Trending Single “Drugs in Me”, combined with the Highly-Anticipated Deluxe Edition to his EP “PASSION” (Coming this January) is expected to push the “Up & Comer” Canadian into Nationwide Fame!

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By WJAM-99.9 JAMZ Tampa, Jan 13 2020 09:35PM

Alexu$LA is a fairly new & versatile artist looking to expand as an individual first and an artist . The artist plans to drop more music in the near future. This is first time the artist has ever done music, let alone producing, mixing, & mastering. Alexu$LA is growing, developing & learning within the artistry. Thanks for your time!

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By WJAM-99.9 JAMZ Tampa, Jan 10 2020 03:36PM

Rachael Hadassah a bay area native of Daly City also an actress from the upcoming film Lumpia With A Vengeance and films like Anykah, Terrorizing the Todd and My Angel Baby is releasing her debut 'Ain't Nothings Gonna Stop Us'. A song with an old school hip hop urban edge.

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