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By WJAM-99.9 JAMZ Tampa, Aug 14 2020 08:17PM

Collectively KV & Joquori make up the group Polyglots. Jolted with a sleek, but powerfully groovy sound, The Polyglots single “Dem Girl” is profoundly fun from the moment you hit play all the way through to the last beat. You will be both but impressed with these groundbreaking new artists, who are sure to challenge the mainstream sound, yet appeal to the masses with a practiced ease far beyond their years.

Prevalent through KV and Joqouri’s single is the influence Reggaeton and Latin/Afro Caribbean styles has had on these booming artists. The Polyglots are set to explode, with strong abilities to make you dance, and craft relatable lyrics that stick with you. The Polyglots are ready for the spotlight after putting out a project like this gem, “Dem Girl.”

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By WJAM-99.9 JAMZ Tampa, Aug 14 2020 07:06PM

Released on 5th June 2020, ‘Karnivor’ is the latest release from GENESIS Z AND THE BLACK MAMBAS. The single also features Redman and is a sublime genre fusion.

An upbeat and enticing opening greets the listener. We love the upbeat funk vibe that instantly demands the audience’s attention. Genesis Z’s vocals are warm and filled with a luscious tone, and the chorus is melodic and memorable too.

We are sure that ‘Karnivor’ will please existing Genesis Z fans while winning him an army of new ones too. Redman’s rap is the perfect accompaniment to the track. His fast-flowing lyrics hit effortlessly and inject extra energy into the single.

From opening for Stevie Wonder, rockin’ the stage & house parties with Medusa, Anderson Paak and Bruno Mars (before their stardom) to song pitching for Seal, Lauren Hill, and Beyoncé, Genesis Z is a special talent.

Past Work

In 2001 Genesis moved to California and founded the music production company Labratz. Here he created content for musicians, primary artists, and small businesses. He is also known for his work with his electro band De5tro who produced alongside hip-hop legend, Redman.

The release of ‘Karnivor’ sees Genesis Z going back to his roots. He has worked with names like Dr. Dre, Busta Rhymes, SPLIFF STAR, Rah Digga, Nate Dogg 213, and Korn, but ‘Karnivor’ hears a return to his original sound and is an innovating and exciting release.

We very much enjoyed ‘Karnivor’ and recommend adding it to your weekend playlist. We are so pleased to have discovered this experienced artist and will be checking out his back catalogue too.

Genesis describes his solo music as a biography of his life, “Every song is a page, and every album is a chapter.” We look forward to hearing what the next chapter will bring.

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By WJAM-99.9 JAMZ Tampa, Aug 9 2020 02:29AM

‘Internalize’ is the debut by New Orleans based visual artist and songwriter John Joseph Denis. John Denis states – “I wanted to use actual drums and percussion to accompany the optimistic, bright keyboard textures. This would embrace the lyrics which suggests a mood that’s contemplative and open.”

Having spent the last 25 years as an acclaimed artist and glass sculptor, Denis crosses over into the world of music with a breathtaking effect. Blending sophisticated melodies and abstract lyrics, his artistic touch transcends disciplines and his effect is universal.

Featuring contributions from OKGO’s Dan Konopka (2007 grammy winner) and the hypnotic rhythms of Brazilian percussionist Marcelo Effori, the sound is as refreshing as it is uniquely irresistible. Influenced by the sounds and sights of the classic-American city that surrounds him, Denis joins the party alongside the songwriting of the jazzy tones of Snarky Puppy and the soul of Joseph Collier.

John Joseph Denis grew up in the Southwest where at the age of ten began joining lyrics and sound. He spent his teen years writing and performing in an original band. Moving to New Orleans in his mid-twenties John was influenced by the city’s music and culture that ensued the formation of his visual art career. He has since exhibited his signature glass sculpture throughout the country. John Joseph Denis has allowed his music and glass forms to influence each other. The culmination gives way to a distinctive style of sound textures and movement that can be heard on his first solo single.

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Primarily a self-taught musician, it was at the age of eleven that his mom introduced him to the guitar and a love affair with music that has stood the test of time. In his teens, North “2unes” Woodall studied the playing styles of Ernie Isley, Santana, and Joe Walsh, among other R&B, funk, rock, and pop music styles. Hard work, determination, and a natural gift paid off and as a result of his exceptional proficiency with the guitar, he was quickly established with popular groups in and around Dayton, Ohio, such as The Delvones and Round Trip Ticket.

North has since relocated to Atlanta, Georgia and was sought to share the stage with funk masters Lakeside, The Ohio Players, Roger Troutman and Zapp, Roy Aires, Millie Jackson, Tom Brown and Will Downing. He regularly sells out venues as the audiences know that they will be highly entertained and satisfied by tight arrangements and banging guitar solos with great licks. And the blessings continued to flow. 2unes has become a staple on the Atlanta music scene appearing in venues from the Ritz Carlton to Wind-Down Wednesdays at Centennial Park, bridging the generation gap with his unique music blend of jazz, R&B, and hip-hop.

North “2unes” Woodall - “Giving U The Best that I Got” (feat. Chris “BigDog” Davis & Brian LaNair)

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Tendai Joseph Chafa-Govha is known by his stage name, ‘TENDAYS’. Tendai being pronounced ‘Ten-Die’, and TENDAYS as ‘Ten Days’. He is a Miami-born, Broward raised upcoming innovator who has now moved over 1,000 miles away from home to Philadelphia in hopes of achieving his dreams as he lives with his producer and best friend, SCOT.

They met in 2016 through mutual friends on Twitter and have created their own label, CHAFA INC. Though typically categorized as a rapper, TENDAYS has a very melted and inclusive sound. It's the theme song for those who wants to feel empowered over people who doubt them.. Fathers verse on this song was able to create an interesting contrast sonically while remaining rich in delivery. 

TENDAYS uses his music as a device to help the outcast, non-conformist kids find solace and a person to relate to through music. His music is a story and a world that he has every intention of expanding and continuing throughout his career. Inspired during an afternoon of fantasizing about being rich. A great performance that captures the essence of feeling extravagant.

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