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Tendai Joseph Chafa-Govha is known by his stage name, ‘TENDAYS’. Tendai being pronounced ‘Ten-Die’, and TENDAYS as ‘Ten Days’. He is a Miami-born, Broward raised upcoming innovator who has now moved over 1,000 miles away from home to Philadelphia in hopes of achieving his dreams as he lives with his producer and best friend, SCOT.

They met in 2016 through mutual friends on Twitter and have created their own label, CHAFA INC. Though typically categorized as a rapper, TENDAYS has a very melted and inclusive sound. It's the theme song for those who wants to feel empowered over people who doubt them.. Fathers verse on this song was able to create an interesting contrast sonically while remaining rich in delivery. 

TENDAYS uses his music as a device to help the outcast, non-conformist kids find solace and a person to relate to through music. His music is a story and a world that he has every intention of expanding and continuing throughout his career. Inspired during an afternoon of fantasizing about being rich. A great performance that captures the essence of feeling extravagant.

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Ebrahim Manneh aka DripE is a 22 year old, born on January 29th 1998 in Washington D.C an raised in Prince George’s County, Maryland. He's an upcoming artist who's currently a senior attending Howard University, pursuing a Buisness degree. Prince King Obike aka Golden Prince was born March 7, 1998. Prince is also an up and coming artist who joined DripE to create the rap duo 828.

DripE released their EP early this year and it's starting to pick up steam on the charts. You can follow their movement on Twitter (@_moneyE + @_SharpShootaa) and purchase the EP on iTunes.

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Four years ago, Carrington Beckford decided to take his passion for sports and turn it into a full-time career. Although he was born in Jamaica, Carrington has spent most of his life in Stamford, Connecticut so it only made sense to create his brand where his athletic career started. Overdrive Elite Performance Systems was built in Stamford, Connecticut but is soon moving to New Canaan, Connecticut for expansion purposes. Carrington is known throughout Fairfield County as one of the most highly sought-after strength and speed coaches.

The programs of Overdrive are scientific and are specially formulated to help athletes perform beyond their maximum potential. Not only does Overdrive improve athletes’ speed, agility, and strength, but it also gives them a sense of confidence and leadership. The programs provide age and skill level appropriate weight, speed, agility, power, endurance, coordination development, technical and tactical training.

Beckford has experience and a background in several sports. Transitioning from college athlete to coach was not so easy for Beckford. Beckford grew up playing football and running track for Stamford Highschool. He received athletic scholarships to play at Northern Michigan University and East Stroudsburg University. However, Beckford ended his athletic career with a torn achilles. He recalls, “I tore my achilles my senior year and was incredibly devastated. I knew it was not the end, but it was part of the journey”. Taking his injury as a blessing, Beckford decided to start coaching and giving back to his community. “Football put me in a position to know that I wouldn’t be where I am today without the ability to inspire, to impact, to teach the love the passion, the preparation that the student athletes that I train '' says Beckford.

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After Homiletix’s first Billboard release, he hit the Billboard charts again on a compilation entitled World Hip Hop Unleashed Vol.2 through DJ Choice and The DJ Grid. He is also featured on the 50/50 Project produced by DJ Choice and The DJ Grid. The 50/50 Compilation Project includes artists such as Chris Brown, Quavo, Kali Ranks, Lauryn Hill, C-Murder, and Twista.

Homiletix’s current solo project entitled Foreign Affairs is expected to send shock waves through the music industry. It is a collaboration of state side artists and London MC’s. It features artists such as Cyba, KDot T, and P. Grizzy who are some of the top MC’s in the United Kingdom. This project also features stateside artists like JT Money and Roniel. The Foreign Affairs Project features powerful tracks such as Dedicated, No Pressure, Seasons Change, and Bars Still Matter. The music industry should brace themselves as Amada Records presents Homiletix.

Homiletix hand-picked each artist on this project. Homiletix said “Cyba is the Top London Female MC, KDot T and P. Grizzy from Mass Destruction Ent represent East London are Top MC’s, and representing the stateside artists are Roniel from Tribe Life Studios and signed to Homiletix artists and JT Money of the Poison Clan is a Southern Hip Hop Pioneer.” July 31st Homiletix will release his new EP with the #1 Billboard charting label Amada Records. Follow @Homiletix on Instagram for updates on new releases.

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Zakiyah is indeed a force. A pure powerhouse of spirit and soul. “Z” is a prolific singer/ songwriter/producer with a relentless passion for making great music that is ever evolving and having a good time doing it! Her commanding presence and captivating voice deliver enticing lyrics, dancing in soulful melodies, enhanced by colorful harmonies All swimming in an ocean of living music that inspire the listener to feel the thrillZ, chillZ and realZ of this experience we call life.

Back to the root, the short version, Zakiyah is a seasoned artist and has been in the game for 30+ years. She began singing in church since age 9 and touring with gospel groups by age 11. From teen through college, she sang lead in bands from Rock, Funk, Jazz, and even Country/Bluegrass with occasional stage play. She wrote and recorded her first song at 15 and has been groovin’ ever since.

Listen to the official audio via YouTube and Apple Music.