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The 13 Most Gloriously Dated Lyrics of 1999

By WJAM-99.9 JAMZ Tampa, Apr 14 2019 07:30PM

Following our Billboard staff-picked list of the 99 greatest songs of 1999, we're writing this week about some of the stories and trends that defined the year for us. Here, we look back at lyrical moments that reflected the classic era in a way that only made sense at the time.

Each decade in music serves as a historical snapshot of what made that era so special: the presidents that got elected, the impressive strides in science & technology and the ever-changing trends in fashion. And in the '90s -- and with the end of the century looming, 1999 specifically -- many artists used their songs to capture timely pop culture moments.

Some opted to reference celebrity figures (we're looking at you, Eminem) and others used impending Y2K Scare as inspiration for transitioning into the high-tech New Millennium. While it appeared cool to ramble on about DVDs and emails at the time, a lot of these references didn't age well -- but we still love them anyway!

Below, we’ve rounded up the 13 best lyrics from that beloved year, which range from clever to corny.

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