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By slayday, Apr 14 2019 07:25PM

Taylor Swift is slowly dropping hints about possible new music.

Just hours after updating her website and social accounts with a countdown clock early Saturday (April 12), the pop superstar shared a photo of a diamond-encrusted heart on social media. The mysterious post didn't include a caption, but is likely another clue about a new project.

The clock on TaylorSwift.com counts down to midnight on Thursday night (April 25), which is looking like a New Music Friday release. Adding further proof, her Instagram and Twitter bios have been updated to read "4.26."

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By slayday, Apr 7 2019 06:08PM

Rick Ross has honored Nipsey Hussle with a portrait tattoo on his leg, following the latter’s murder last weekend.

Celebrity tattoo artist Tatu Baby, a.k.a. Katherine Flores, shared a photo of her unfinished work on Ross, with the caption, “@nipseyhussle you did that and your legacy will live and burn brighter than the all hate and envy! #ripnipseyhussle.” See Original Post Here.

By slayday, Apr 7 2019 06:05PM

Earlier in the week Drake‘s watch made up the bulk of a $1 million outfit. The watch in question is a Richard Mille RM 69 Erotic Tourbillon.

The $750,000 timepiece, one of 30 released in 2015, features three rollers towards the top of the face. Each is engraved with a phrase, allowing for multiple erotic messages, including “let me; I long to; I need to; explore; taste; kiss; arouse; you tonight; your lips; your nipples.”

It seems Drake treated himself to the watch around his birthday last year, showing it off in October on his Instagram with the caption, “Even the watch is poetic.”

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By slayday, Apr 7 2019 06:03PM

After teasing us with a trailer way back in November last year, it seems we might finally have a release date for Donald Glover and Rihanna‘s mystery film project, Guava Island.

Yesterday, Spotify starting playing 30-second ads of Glover singing the song from the trailer, accompanied by a graphic that says “Saturday Night | April 13.” The ad’s link seems to lead to the RapCaviar playlist on Spotify, with a “Presented by Guava Island” byline. Check it out here.